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Features of the ATS Recruitis

Recruitis helps you saving time, focused the hiring process on one place, clarity of communication with colleagues, usable talent pool.

UPLOAD RESPONSES | Don’t rewrite it

We guarantee to you that the system can automatically upload the structure answer.

custom Work-flow | recruiting steps

One click and you drop the candidate from prescreening to interview. Customizing your recruiting work-flow.


Reward for activity not just for hire. Boost your employee referral program.

Interview | Drag & Drop scheduling

Drag & Drop candidate to the calendar and scheduling & send invitation to interview with him/her.

PARSING | Automatic contact recognizing

Automatic contact recognizing and saving structure data: name, surname, email, phone, CV and cover letter.

ONLINE TESTING | Effective prescreening

Making list of prescreening questions and invite candidates to answer them.

Talent pool | linkedin included

Talent pool made from 3 pipelines: profiles from job boards, LinkedIn, your candidates from answers.

MULTI-USER | one price for unlimited users

Several users roles: HR manager, recruiter, hiring manager, ....

ANALYTICS | and reporting

Monitor which pipelines are effective and export several types of reports.

SOCIAL RECRUITING | easy share & track

Use social networks and monitor which gives you best candidates.

CAREER SITE | 4 clicks and build it

Easy builder of career sites. You can manage content, system will add your list of open job offers.

SMART EMAILS | multiple invitation

If you do multiple invitation, the smart email will fill up the right name, date of interview.

MOBILE APP | easy access

You can use mobile app for effective and team work.
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HIRING MANAGER | share via mobile app

The hiring manager rights show him/her just the candidates that the recruiter share with him/her.

TEAM WORK | tools for teamwork

Several tools and features for the easy teamwork and communication.

REST API | Interface for connection

Connect Recruitis with other systems (intranet, wage system, career site, etc.).

GDPR | protection of personal data

Recruitis will help you with European GDPR conditions. Especially with the agreement of the candidates in your talent pool.

EX-Excel | replacement of Excel reports

Do you note various questions and answers about the candidates during the hiring process? Replace the Excel spreadsheets for the Recruits and develop the options.

Video tutorials

If you can't remember what to do, don't worry. We have video tutorials. If nor will it help, then we have the help line :-).

youtube channel

scheduling the interview

automatic uploading the candidate answer

customizing the hiring workflow

team tools

candidates score card

work with mobile app

Another tutorials are in our youtube channel

Referral program

System Recruitis is including module for employee referral program supporting more rewards. Gamification the referral program.


Trecking job ad

Our tracking job ad will help you recognize who helps you to deliver the candidate.

Several levels of rewards

System recognize several levels of joining the referral to the program. You can easily reward not just for hired employee.

Clarity management of referrals

Easy way how to add group of referrals. Analytics and results of each event.

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Recruitis with an extensions

telephonic support


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separate installation

To meet the most demanding security requirements, we also offer a separate installation on your server.

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We do work that we are enjoy & love!

And we believe this exactly is make from our Recruitis amazing product.

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