Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data

If a candidate asks us to delete his/her personal data from the candidate database, but at the same time wants confirmation that the removal of personal data has actually taken place, it is ideal that he/she takes this action himself/herself.


There are two ways in which the candidate can make the removal:

1) On the general "unsubscribe" link

We will send the applicant an email with a link where they can view the data and then delete it:

Link for deleting personal data

The candidate will then go through the following steps on his/her side:


Link for deleting personal data - entering email
E-mail with a link to delete the data
Summary of consents granted
Deletion of personal data
Withdrawn consent

2) Using the link in the footer of the email

In the footer of every email a candidate receives from Recruitis there is a link that redirects the candidate to a page with the consents they have given, which they can then delete.


The candidate will then go through the following steps on their page:


Option to remove personal data from the e-mail footer
Delete from candidate database

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