Scheduling a candidate interview right in your calendar

Without a doubt, one of the least effective activities of a recruiter is interview planning. Finding a joint time with even just one candidate and taking care of the administration (several emails, entering an event in the calendar, etc.) is time-consuming, and what if you need to schedule an interview for 5 or 10 candidates?

Anyone who uses calendly services knows the feeling of relief when all this is gone and all they need to schedule meetings is to share a link with the other party, where the recipient chooses a suitable free date and the meeting is automatically created.

Therefore, you can now use the "Schedule using appointment reservation" function for interviews in addition to the classic scheduling of a specific date in the calendar.

How does it work in a nutshell?

  • You create one or more links where you define the selection of free slots in your calendar (link to settings).
  • Send the candidate a link in the interview invitation, and the candidate will then see a list of free times in your calendar.
  • After selecting a free date, an invitation is created and this date is blocked for other candidates.
  • Free slots on the calendar are always checked against your calendar as well, so if you schedule another appointment at a time that would originally be available to the candidate, it will not be offered to them.

The video below is a hands-on demonstration of how this functionality works and what it allows you to do.

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