Recruitment flow and connection with email templates

When you define the recruitment process, you expect to automate as much as possible the communication towards candidates, especially email. Or, when you move a candidate through the hiring process, what email templates should be offered to match that stage of the hiring process?

You can assign one of the predefined "actions" to each step in the recruitment process, and in the email templates, among others, sections corresponding to the actions are defined so that the choice of action clearly determines the set of templates you can use. Understanding this link is important in order to correctly define actions for individual stages of the recruitment process and to define email templates in the correct categories.

If you want no communication to be sent to the candidate at that stage, you can select the so-called "empty action".

The attached image shows this connection visually.

Recruitment flow and email templates

In the tutorial below, we practically show you how the recruitment flow and templates are connected, which will help you in making decisions both when defining the recruitment flow and when creating email templates.

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