Processing the candidate list in the database (alternative to exporting candidate contacts)

Within ATS Recruitis, we "deliberately do not offer" users the export of candidate contacts to external Excel files.

This is on the one hand because of the risks it poses from the point of view of GDPR - for example, how do you guarantee the deletion of all personal data of a candidate who withdraws consent from all your excel files and emails that circulate around your company with the exported files?

And above all, it is because we are convinced that processing the list of candidates for the needs of calling or sending emails directly in ATS Recruitis has clear advantages. Here are a few of them: you have all the information in one place, you and all colleagues in the team can clearly see, for example, who is still to be called, who did not pick up the phone, who is interested in cooperation, etc., you write notes directly on the candidate card and you don't have to so rewrite them.

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