Principles of functioning of the candidate card

Within ATS Recruitis and also within our tutorials, we work with the terms "candidate" and "candidate response". Both of these terms get mixed up on the candidate card and there are scenarios (most of them) where it doesn't matter to you, but there are also a few scenarios where the difference is important and ignorance could cause you problems.

The video shows practically when and where the differences are noticeable and important.

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10. 11. 2022

Bulk tagging

You don't have to tag candidates one at a time, but you can add or remove tags from an entire group of candidates.

10. 11. 2022

LinkedIn plugin

Keep an overview of contacted candidates on the LinkedIn professional network and use the option to easily download them directly to ATS Recruitis without the need for rewriting.

10. 11. 2022

Linking new responses from StartupJobs

Use the automated connection with and get notified about new answers.