Place of work

Place of work at the position

The place of work is an essential piece of information when creating a job position, thanks to which you know where the offered position will be performed.

If you want to choose a place of work for a specific position, you can choose from several types of places of work:

  • branch addresses that you have preset in ATS Recruitis
  • names of branches, so-called "companies", which you have preset in ATS Recruitis
  • the so-called "other place of work", i.e. choosing an address or geographic area (region, district)

You can combine types as you like, with a maximum of 15 locations. Each type is distinguished by an icon in the list.

💡 When choosing the type of place of work and the number of work places, it is also necessary to take into account where the position will be assigned. There are a number of portals that allow you to enter only one place of work, do not allow you to enter regions, etc.

Assigning a branch to a position

Even if you have multiple work locations, it is usually one branch to which the position is assigned, one branch to handle it. Then, primarily for reporting purposes, you want to have such a position assigned to this branch and you want to report how many positions were issued by branch A, branch B, etc. for a certain period. ", but only from the branches specified in the company settings in ATS Recruitis).


The assigned branch is selected using the "house" icon and is marked with a dark background.

Selecting a geographic location as the location of work

The place of work is not always a certain branch, typically, for example, you want to state that for business positions the place of work is the entire Central Bohemia region, etc.


If you reach the end of the list of offered branches, you will see the option "I will choose another place of work" and then you will see a new line called "Write an address". Here you write the address and using the Google map service you are offered a specific address, city, district, region, etc. From the offered list, then select the item that corresponds to the geographic location you are looking for or a specific address.

After saving, you will see the address assigned to the position with a "pin" icon. You can also enter more than one of these geographic locations for one position.

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