Option to cancel sending NPS

An email with NPS measurement goes out automatically 2 days after the rejection or acceptance of the candidate. There may be a situation when you need to cancel the sending of an email with NPS measurement, e.g. in the event of an unwanted rejection of a candidate or if we have already communicated with the candidate and it is obvious that a possible email with an NPS question would rather "prick" him.

Let's simply show you how:

  • The NPS section will be displayed on the candidate's profile at the time of rejection/acceptance.
  • We set the cancellation using the "three dots" in the right part (see the first picture below).
  • The NP section in the left part informs you about the successful cancellation of the sending (see the second picture below)


💡If you measure NPS in your company, it is good to think that if you reject a candidate and do not inform him about it, there is a risk that he will learn about the rejection from the NPS report, which will cause a negative reaction from the candidate.

NPS cancellation settings
Canceled NPS submission

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