Online interviews directly from Recruitis

Online interviews are the bread and butter of recruiters, so it is essential that they can be set up directly from ATS Recruitis! So you no longer have to go to Google Calendar or MS Teams and create a link for an interview, which you then send by email from ATS Recruitis, or completely skip interview planning from Recruitis and work with two calendars.

Online interview

In order to be able to use this functionality, you must have your Google calendar or MS Outlook365 calendar connected to ATS Recruitis. And then it's very easy - you can check the "Create online meeting" option for each scheduled interview. ATS Recruitis will take care of everything else for you: it will get the link to the online meeting, insert it into the event in the calendar and insert it as a button in the email sent to the candidate. From an event in the calendar, either in the internal calendar in ATS Recruitis or in your external connected calendar, you join the online meeting as if you had planned it directly in the given calendar.

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