Mobile application - overview of functions

A brand new version of our mobile app has just been released! The application has a completely redesigned appearance and user interface according to the latest trends, and a few important novelties have also been added. They are mainly the following:

  • Caller identification - if you don't have the candidate's number saved, the application will tell you who it is and from what position
  • Logging in using a QR code - you don't need to log in using the name and password from ATS Recruitis (this will be appreciated especially by users using other types of login)
  • 10+ language mutations
  • Home page, or dashboard if you prefer, with an overview of the most important and latest
  • SMS queue showing also sent SMS
  • Advanced Candidate Card
    • The possibility to immediately call, write SMS or email from any place on the card
    • Outputs from interviews and questionnaires
    • Direct clicks to platforms for scheduled online interviews (Teams, Google meet)
    • Clicks on links to the candidate's social networks

If you already had the ATS Recruitis application installed before, you just need to update it, if you don't have it at all, download it from your app store at the following links:

You can find a basic overview of the functionality of the mobile application in this video:

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