Management of communication regarding the rejection of applicants

It has probably happened to you that a candidate contacted you with a question about the status of the selection process and you already rejected him a few days ago, or worse, the candidate gave you a low rating in the NPS without even knowing that you rejected him.

If you reject using email templates in ATS Recruitis, it was not easy to find out who the email went to and who didn't. If you refuse otherwise, for example by phone, it was not easy to record and trace that this happened.

That's why we've come up with several new features that simplify the management of rejection messages and communication:

  • A filter in the applicant database that lists candidates who are rejected but do not have a rejection communication recorded
  • An information box on the candidate card that shows that the candidate has been rejected, but no rejection communication has been recorded
  • An action that allows you to send a reject message outside of the reject dialog
  • An action that allows an alternative method of rejection communication to be recorded (e.g. a phone call)

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