Expedited position publication

If you are adding a position in ATS Recruitis, you must first fill in the first page with mandatory data in the position editor. These data are mandatory due to the publication of positions on various job portals, career sites, etc.

But there are situations when you don't want to advertise the position and you want to use it only to collect candidates from various sources, whether automated or manual.

The option "Publish immediately" is used for these situations (see image below). A position exposed in this way has the following characteristics:

  • You only need the name of the position to create it
  • It is internal within Recruitis (not published on any publication channel)
  • It is a full-fledged position with all parameters (ID, links, response form, webhooks, etc.)
  • It can only be published after completing the mandatory data (ATS will notify you of this if you would like to set up publication channels)
Zrychlen√° publikace

A typical example of use is the creation of such a position in situations where you only publish on channels that do not allow direct posting of positions (e.g. StartupJob.cz or even LMC portals via Teamio, if it is not worthwhile for you to pay for the transfer of positions only to the draft).

In this case, all you have to do is post the position with just the name using the "Publish now" button and copy its webhook for StartupJobs, or the position ID for Teamio and paste it in the appropriate place on the given portal.


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