Displaying the caller's name on the Recruitis mobile app

Supported phone number format

In order for the phone app to link the caller's number to the number in the ATS Recruitis Recruitis, both numbers must be in the same format, i.e. including the international area code and without spaces.

  • Example of the correct format: +420602123868
  • Example of incorrect format: 602 123 868

Within ATS Recruitis, validations are used to ensure that the number is stored correctly and existing "historical" numbers are edited into the correct format where possible. If a number is stored in an incorrect format, it must be edited manually in the candidate profile.

Update your contact list

The contact list is updated during various events in the system (e.g. editing a contact) and also at regular intervals several times per hour. If there are problems with the update, or if you need to update your phone contacts immediately, you will find a sync button in the settings (see image below).

💡 You do not need to be logged in to the app for the caller name display to work.

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