Connection with the fajn-brigá portal

The fajn-brigá portal offers both the transfer of positions to the portal (export) and the import of candidates.

What needs to be done for the connection?

  • Fine Brigades will provide you with the connection details, which we will then activate on the ATS Recruitis side and make the position export and candidate import work for you.
  • To transfer positions to the Fine-Brigade portal you will need to know the ID and password
  • They will provide you with a "secret iv" and a "secret code" to transfer candidates
  • In order to overwrite candidates, it is necessary to have the overwrite of positions from ATS Recruitis enabled, so that candidates can be added to the respective positions


Exposure to the portal fajn-brigá

Positions are exposed to the portal via the "More actions to position" menu, i.e. not directly in the publishing channels as e.g. portals connected via XML data feed.

Transcript of candidates from the fajn-brigá portal

Candidates are automatically enrolled. You can find out which candidates have been imported (and information on which have been propsed and which have not and why) in the Candidate Import History menu (link


💡 Candidates can only apply for a position in ATS Recruitis if the position has been posted on the fajn-brigá portal directly from ATS Recruitis (otherwise there is no indication which position the candidate belongs to).


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