Applicant import history

You can encounter the automatic import of answers in the Recruitis system if you have your career pages connected using an API, candidates answer you via an answer form that is, for example, integrated in other job portals, or you have activated the automatic import of answers from the Teamio portal, etc.

The system clearly informs you about each new candidate that has been imported into the system, the number of new daily imports is always highlighted with a red bubble in the selections section, the link can be found here.

We encounter several types of messages in the system:

πŸ‘ Imported OK

In this case, everything went well and the given candidate's answer for the given position was created successfully. Clicking on a candidate's name will take you directly to the candidate's card.


πŸ”” The candidate uploaded with a notification

After clicking on the "three dots" you will always get more detailed information. Typically, for example, the candidate already exists and therefore has not been re-uploaded.

❗The candidate did not upload due to an error

    Examples of typical problems:
  • The applicant does not have an advertisement to which the answer would be assigned.
  • The problem will be a wrongly filled job ID in the external system, which is necessary for the correct matching of responses to advertisements. Please check your settings.
  • Ad ID 410818 is archived and a new reply cannot be added to it.
    • The position is no longer active and it is not possible to receive new responses to it.
  • The system did not find Ad ID XY included in the import.
    • The Job ID filled in in the second system does not exist within ATS Recruitis. Please check your settings for that position.

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