02. 12. 2022

Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data

If a candidate communicates with you about withdrawing GDPR consent to the processing of personal data and perhaps even requests confirmation of its deletion, the best solution is to have them delete the information using our "unsubscribe" link.

29. 11. 2022

Integration with

How to get accepted candidates from to

29. 11. 2022

Linking with

How to connect with in a few steps.

25. 11. 2022

Introduction video with an overview of ATS Recruitis settings

This video gives you an introductory overview of the settings that ATS Recruitis offers.

25. 11. 2022

GDPR changes in the system

Take a look at the GDPR setup guide. Simply and quickly.

25. 11. 2022

Introductory video introducing ATS Recruitis

Short video introducing ATS Recruitis

25. 11. 2022

Comparison of candidates

Set your criteria, add weights to them and let the system evaluate which of the candidates is the best!

25. 11. 2022

Notification of all notes on your positions

You will be notified of all new comments on your posts.

25. 11. 2022

Variable stages of the recruitment process

Set the individual stages of the recruitment process according to your own needs.

25. 11. 2022


Manage users and their roles.

25. 11. 2022

Email templates

Set up templates for communicating with your candidates.

25. 11. 2022

Definition of flow recruitment

The recruitment process is a key element of the ATS Recruitis setup. You can set more than one according to different types of your positions.

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