15. 05. 2022

Webhooks for the Nelisa portal

Let ATS Recruitis automatically download your candidates from the Nelisa portal.

12. 05. 2022

Graphics and system appearance

Basic settings of graphic elements - logos and background.

12. 05. 2022

Position editor settings

Select the optional items in the position editor that you want to display.

12. 05. 2022


Settings with integrated services, e.g. Slack, CzechCrunch Jobs

12. 05. 2022

Response forms

Define a set of custom response forms for different positions.

12. 05. 2022

Job offer templates

Create PDF templates to send to candidates as part of offer management.

12. 05. 2022

NPS settings

Turn on NPS and set its parameters.

12. 05. 2022

Manage filter items

Filter items allow you to filter positions according to your own criteria.

12. 05. 2022

Publication channels

Set up data streams for publication on various job portals, career sites or for agency needs.

12. 05. 2022

API settings

To connect ATS Recruitis with third party systems, typically career sites.

09. 05. 2022

ATS Recruitis from a hiring manager's point of view

How does ATS Recruitis see the user in the role of hiring manager?

08. 05. 2022

End of support for Internet Explorer 11

Support for this outdated browser has ended.

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