09. 06. 2022

Principles of functioning of the candidate card

In this tutorial, we show the practical difference between "candidate" and "candidate response".

08. 06. 2022

Connection of personnel advertising on the Linkedin network with ATS Recruitis

Link a personnel advertisement from the LinkedIn network directly to ATS Recruitis, and candidates who respond on LinkedIn will be registered directly in ATS Recruitis.

03. 06. 2022

Login to the Google Chrome plugin directly from ATS Recruitis

Newly, you do not need to log in to the Google Chrome plugin separately, it is enough if you are already logged in to ATS Recruitis.

01. 06. 2022

Processing the candidate list in the database (alternative to exporting candidate contacts)

You do not need to export candidates' personal data to Excel files to call up your list of candidates.

01. 06. 2022

Recruitment flow and connection with email templates

How are actions in the recruitment process and email templates related to each other?

30. 05. 2022


View candidates for positions in the so-called Kanaban view.

30. 05. 2022

Manage profile photos

Add and remove profile photos from applicant attachments.

26. 05. 2022

Account line manager vs. account with limited rights

Learn the difference between these two basic roles with limited rights.

24. 05. 2022

Talent database and its possibilities

The talent database does not have to be used only for searching contacts for candidates.

19. 05. 2022


Combining the answers of a historically depersonalized candidate with a new answer.

17. 05. 2022

Planned news for 2022

What's major coming up in ATS Recruitis?

16. 05. 2022

Two-phase authentication

Every user can turn on two-factor authentication (2FA).

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