25. 07. 2022

Enable personalized calling on the Recruitis mobile app

Settings required to display candidate name on incoming calls for iOS and Android devices.

20. 07. 2022

Displaying the caller's name on the Recruitis mobile app

During the recruitment process you are in contact with many candidates whose phone number is usually not stored, so the mobile app offers the possibility to identify such unsaved numbers based on the phone numbers stored within ATS Recruitis Recruitis.

19. 07. 2022

Reports and statistics

What KPIs can you track directly in the app and what data can you download for your deeper analysis needs?

19. 07. 2022

Exercises for complete beginners

Practical exercises focused on the most basic functionalities of ATS Recruitis for complete beginners.

15. 07. 2022

New GDPR filters in the database

Manage GDPR consents more effectively.

13. 07. 2022

Management of communication regarding the rejection of applicants

You can now filter applicants with whom you have not yet communicated their rejection and record such communication, even if you do not use rejection email templates within ATS Recruitis.

08. 07. 2022

Adjusted dialogs for copying and moving a candidate

We have modernized the dialogs used for copying and moving applicants to another position.

07. 07. 2022

Clearing the image cache when sharing a position on LinkedIn

Instructions on how to clear the cache in case the wrong image is loaded when you share your position on LinkedIn.

01. 07. 2022

Candidate Service Prioritization (SLA)

Be in full control of candidate processing speed.

28. 06. 2022

Upload a response from a LinkedIn ad

Advertise your job offers on LinkedIn and get answers easily in your ATS Recruitis.

12. 06. 2022

Recovering a deleted user account

What to do if you are creating a new user and the system reports that "The given email is already registered."

09. 06. 2022

Copying and moving a candidate

In this tutorial, we present two similar functions - copying and moving a candidate to a position. What are the differences between them? What are the practical scenarios for their use?

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